Trevor Aaronson

I’m a journalist focused on investigative reporting and narrative storytelling. I’ve covered the FBI for more than a decade.

My Work

Alphabet Boys: Trojan Hearse is the first season of a multi-season podcast series I report, write, and host. The show is produced by Western Sound and distributed by iHeartPodcasts. This first season revealed how the FBI infiltrated and subverted the racial justice movement during the summer of 2020.

American ISIS is a documentary podcast from The Intercept and Topic Studios that tells the story of Russell Dennison, an American who joined the Islamic State and secretly communicated with me from Syria.

The Terror Factory: Inside the FBI’s Manufactured War on Terrorism is my book about the FBI’s post-9/11 counterterrorism program. The Tenth Anniversary Edition was published in November 2022.

How This FBI Strategy Is Actually Creating U.S.-Based Terrorists is my TED Talk from 2015.

The Intercept publishes a lot of my reporting. Some examples:

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Trevor Aaronson

Trevor Aaronson is an investigative journalist. He is the creator and host of “Alphabet Boys,” a multi-season documentary podcast ( and the author of "The Terror Factory: Inside the FBI’s Manufactured War on Terrorism."